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Aircraft Management Worldwide

We are the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for the aircraft owner. At Jet Rental US, our team of professionals manages your aircraft and streamlines every aspect of your ownership experience. We always take care of personnel management, pilot training, maintenance, fuel, hangar operations, FAA compliance, and insurance. We let you spend your time enjoying the ownership experience rather than dealing with tedious managerial tasks. If you're just beginning the aircraft purchase process, JRU can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you make the most informed buying decision.

Our Buying Power. When we manage your aircraft, you get to share the buying power of our entire organization. As Jet Rental US operates a fleet of aircraft, we qualify for discounts that are not available to single aircraft operators. In fact, you can expect savings of a percentage or more on fuel, maintenance, pilot training, hangar costs, and insurance. We continually research and negotiate the best possible programs and prices, providing you with the most cost-effective aircraft operation.

Return on Investment. To help you realize a return on your aircraft investment, Jet Rental US includes your aircraft in our local and nationwide portfolio of Membership affiliates. Our team of flight operations specialists constantly monitors the location and availability of your aircraft, allowing you to take full advantage of Jet Rental US revenue-generating benefits, which can dramatically reduce your cost of ownership.

Maintenance. One of the most significant benefits of Jet Rental US is the ability to offer an aircraft owner our ability to perform and coordinate all of your aircraft's maintenance. Our full-time staff of maintenance technicians tracks and performs the regularly scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in-house which dramatically reduces your cost of ownership. The larger, less frequent inspections that require weeks of down-time and added personnel are performed in partnership with industry-trusted maintenance facilities.

Maintenance Partners. With time and experience, Jet Rental US has developed exclusive relationships with the top maintenance facilities across the U.S. for all of our aircraft's major maintenance events. Our team of technicians work on a regular basis with these partners to establish superb working relationships that allow them to assist their technicians while major maintenance is being performed at these facilities. Many of the providers even support us in our own facilities by working side-by-side with our technicians. This allows us to keep our aircraft in confident hands at all times.

Joint Ownership. If you own an aircraft or are considering full aircraft ownership and would like to offset a portion of your ownership and/or overhead expenses on a more fixed basis, we can divide your aircraft into shares and sell the shares to other local individuals and companies. Jet Rental US coordinates the advertising, sales, legal paperwork, and FAA compliance. More importantly, we coordinate the account management after the sale so that it is absolutely transparent to you when the transaction ever took place. It is a simple way to relieve yourself of a piece of the financial commitments associated with full aircraft ownership.

Acquisition and Sales. Jet Rental US partners with both regional and national aircraft brokers to provide you with the most comprehensive look at the marketplace, from both an operator's and a dealer's perspective. Our proven track record of aircraft management and flight solutions will provide you with the most complete ownership perspective, while our broker partners will help you with the most complete understanding of the marketplace.

Aircraft for Sale. Please Call us at 888.342.6018 for information about planes available for acquisition.

Share with us your requirements and we will provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury, and convenience at the best discounted prices possible. Whatever your needs are for private air cargo services, we are here at your service to represent you and/or your company.

Jet Rental US is a leading provider of private aviation and private jet charters offering its clientele extreme and complete service with the ultimate luxury and convenience in all aspects of luxury and corporate jet travel through the dedication and expertise of our highly trained professional travel consultants and affiliates throughout the world. All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. JRU does not manage or operate aircrafts on behalf of our clients. Whether for business or pleasure we are sure to make your travel time a wonderfully memorable experience.