Private Jet Sales

Looking for Experts in the Private Aircraft Business?

Jet Rental US has complete resources to provide you with highly experienced aircraft experts to help you in the following services for all executive aircraft needs and to best suit your travel needs.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned aircraft or sell your existing aircraft, Jet Rental US has the experience and expertise you require. We purchase numerous aircraft for our clients and treat every acquisition as if was our own investment.

Expertise in Private Jet Sales and Management Around The World

Jet Rental US has a highly qualified team to elaborate aircraft solutions and to guide both aircraft seller and buyer through a labyrinth of information to optimize the transaction. We offer hassle-free aircraft management services.

Our extensive maintenance background ensures you get the best possible aircraft -- not just the "best looking" one.

What makes Jet Rental US the best among others?

  • . Honesty
  • . Pride in a job
  • . Ethics and integrity
  • . Customer Satisfaction

Share with us your requirements and we will provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury, and convenience at the best discounted prices possible. Whatever your needs are for private air cargo services, we are here at your service to represent you and/or your company.

Jet Rental US is a leading provider of private aviation and private jet charters offering its clientele extreme and complete service with the ultimate luxury and convenience in all aspects of luxury and corporate jet travel through the dedication and expertise of our highly trained professional travel consultants and affiliates throughout the world. All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. JRU does not manage or operate aircrafts on behalf of our clients. Whether for business or pleasure we are sure to make your travel time a wonderfully memorable experience.