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Private Jet Charter Flights at the best discounted prices on short notice Worldwide.

Jet Rental US is a leading provider of private aviation and private jet charters, offering its clientele extreme and complete service, with the ultimate luxury and convenience in all aspects of luxury and corporate jet travel through the dedication and expertise of our highly trained professional travel consultants and affiliates throughout the world.

Our team, having the knowledge and expertise of both pilots and travel industry leaders, has the ability to accommodate your schedule and needs. Changes in the airline industry have created a demand for private jet travel. Business class executives who travel frequently on private aircraft started Jet Rental US as a result of their frustration with the lack of service and cost of flying privately. They realized that most of the travelers using private jets did not need to own a full or fractional ownership of a jet. As a result, we have assembled a team of affiliate companies whose high standard of pilot training, maintenance, and business operations reflect the high values of our clientele.

Our primary goal at Jet Rental US is to provide the highest level of personal service while offering meaningful savings for all of our private jet charter customers all over the world. We take pride in being able to offer you quality personalized service on all your jet charter flights- the kind that only seems to come from smaller companies, while at the same time offers the exclusive savings and support that you deserve.

With access to thousands of aircraft around the world including but not limited to Helicopters, Turbo Props, Light Jets, Mid Size Jets, Heavy Jets and even Jumbo Jets, Jet Rental US is capable of providing specific requirements in all requests that you might have.

Share with us your requirements and we will provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury, and convenience at the best discounted prices possible. Whatever your needs are for private air cargo services, we are here at your service to represent you and/or your company.