Rental Aircrafts

Heading Title Heading Title Heading Title Heading Title Heading Title
Cessna 150G $79.00 Hr Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Intercom VFR
Cesna 150L 1970 $84.00 Hr Single Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR GPS, 3-Light Marker/Beacons, Transponder, Intercom, 100 horsepower IFR
Light Sport Cruiser $105.00

Light Sport, Single Nav/Com, Garmon Touchscreen GPS, Transponder, 100 horsepower, 110 knots cruise, VFR. VFR
Cessna 172 $109.00 Hr Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Dual VOR/LOC, KX155 Nav/Com, RT385A Nav/Com,KN64 DME, 150 horsepower VFR
Cessna 172K C-172 1970 $114.00 Hr Dual Nav/Com, Transponder, Garmin 430W, WAAS, 4 Place intercom, Dual Brakes, 3 Light Marker/Beacon, 150 horsepower. IFR
Cessna 172 $119.00 Hr Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slop, IFR GPS, 3-lite Marker/beacons, Transponder, Auto Pilot, Intercom. IFR
Cessna 172R $122.00 Hr Dual Nav/Com with Glide Slope, IFR GPS, ADF, 3-lite Marker, Transponder, Intercom, Auto Pilot IFR
Cessna 172SP $142.00 Hr G1000, two axes autopilot with altitude hold, coupled approach mode, 180 horsepower. IFR
Piper Arrow
$130.00 Hr Dual Nav.Com with dual Glide Slope, IFR GPS-Garmin 430W, 3-light Marker/beacons, Auto Pilot, Transponder, 4 Place Intercom, Music-separate docking station for front and rear passengers, Dual brakes, Dual push to talk, 200 horsepower. IFR
Piper Twin Comanche PA-30,
$220.00 Hr Single Nav/Com, Transponder, Century III Autopilot, 160 horsepower *$215: Block time if you purchase 10 hours. IFR